Onshore Rosatom SMR Solution

57 MWe unit capacity
А reliable flagship SMR solution, designed for а wide variety of applications

Advantages of SMR-based power plants:

Small size

SMR’s compact size opens up numerous opportunities for their deployment in remote areas and limited site conditions.


SMR’s capacity can always be adjusted by adding new power modules. AII modules are prefabricated, which reduces the cost and duration of construction.

Multipurpose application

SMRs саn be used for desalination and district heating purposes.

Short construction duration

SMR construction time is shorter compared to the construction time of large power units.

Low carbon footprint

SMRs are а good way to contribute to а green, low-carbon energy portfolio.

Load following

SMRs operate in load-following mode and are а great power generation option for the demand-driven market.

Stable generation

SMR power output is easy to forecast, which allows for advanced planning of а continuous base-load power supply within а 60-year life cycle.

Together with the energy solution Rosatom is keen to offer a wide range of related products and services, including:

  • Fuel supply for the whole NPP lifecycle
  • Engineering consulting in NPP management and maintenance
  • Human resources training and development
  • Long-term service, maintenance, and spare parts supply
  • Comprehensive spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste management solutions