Offshore SMR solution

The floating nuclear power plant (FNPP) is designed to supply power, heat, and desalinated water to coastal or isolated areas, offshore facilities, islands, and archipelagoes.
High mobility
Fast solution for energy deficit regions
Easy integration into grid
Competitive cost of generation
Multipurpose application
Reactor typeIntegral PWR
Thermal capacity175 MW
Evaporation capacity248 t/h
Steam temperature295°C
Steam pressure3.82 MPa
Design life60 years
Capacity factor90%
Fuel enrichment< 20%
Electrical capacity100 MW (2×50)
Thermal power with electric power reduced to 59 MWe170 Gcal/h
Length112 m
Beam25 m
Draught4.5 m
Displacement12 000 t
Design life60 years

Rosatom is already working on the next generation of FPUs or Optimised Floating Power Units (OFPUs), which will be equipped with two RITM-200M reactors (each with a power capacity of 50 MWe).

In addition, OFPUs already respond to key market requirements, such as compact size, increased power capacity, long refueling cycle, flexible load following capabilities, and multiple purpose use, including water desalination or district heating. Regarding these factors, an OFPU based on a RITM-200M reactor offers the most suitable technical and economic solution for regions with extended coastlines, power supply shortages, and limited access to electrical grids.