How To Best Clean Your Oven

Oven cleaning is a crucial part of home cleaning. All of us usually have a hard time when cleaning oven. The following practices will make your work easy. You require to recognize the kind of your oven before cleaning it. Ensure you read the manufacturer’s guidance carefully because various kinds of the ovens require various cleaning techniques. If you fail to do this, then you could easily damage your oven. For the best way to clean oven, you require:

  • Chemical Protective Gloves
  • Damp cloths, alternatively, sponge
  • A big tub
  • Plastic scrubbing pads
  • Oven cleaner, white vinegar or baking soda.

Note 1: Before you begin, ensure the room is adequately ventilated since oven cleaner will build up to noxious fume, it’ll cause harm to you and your family.

Clean the oven racks

Firstly, you require to clean the oven racks, take them out, soak them in hot water tub, add some soap or chemical cleaner in the water, set for at least 30 min. You can leave them alone, begin to clean the rest of the oven. Once you have completed, you can utilize the plastic scrubbing pad to wipe down racks, dry them off and put them back in the oven.

Wipe down the inner part of the oven

Secondly, you will need to wipe down the inner part of the oven with a plastic scrubbing pad, remove any stain and lose carbon, you may require some muscle in this process. Do not utilize the metal pad, it may scratch the surface.

Apply the self-cleaning cycle to the oven

Thirdly, for self-cleaning ovens, apply the self-cleaning cycle to the oven, after the program is ended, wipe down the deposit with the damp cloth or sponge. You additionally require to wash the oven door with glass cleaner and make it shiny. At this point, you require to pay regard to the rubber gasket which seals the door, do not scrub it but instead clean it with water.

If your oven is not self-cleaning kind, you require to rely on a powerful oven cleaner. Ensure you have rubber gloves to guard your skin from poisonous chemical, apply the oven cleaner to the interior of your oven, leave it on for three hours. After that, scrubbing hard and rinse throughout. Remember to ensure all the chemical cleaner is removed thoroughly before use.

Note 2: All the above method likewise can be utilized for house and office cleaning.

The aluminium foil can be fixed to the bottom of the oven as a restraint method to facilitate your next cleaning job.

The white vinegar and baking soda are non-poisonous cleaners. Mix baking soda with white vinegar, apply them to the interior of the oven, set for three hours, then wash with sponge and water. These chemicals can be effectively utilized for everyday cleaning.

Following these methods will help keep your oven clean and optimally functioning.

Thanks to SYK Cleaning for this cleaning tip

Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scopes is a piece of gear that is attached to a rifle and its function is tomake distant objects larger, this helps the marksman to get an accurate aim of the given target. No matter what environmental conditions you are faced with, a rifle scope guarantees precisionand you are given the best advantage over most hunters.

What are rifle scopes made of?

Riflescopes are now made by using aircraft grade aluminium, which is exceedingly durable and much lighter than steel tubes.

What is meant by Exit Pupil?

When you point your rifle scope at a bright surface such as a wall you will see the exit pupil it is circle of light, which shows the amount of illumination that enters the scope. If the exit pupil is quite large then the image in the scope will be brighter.

What is meant by Eye Relief?

Eye relief is the distance between the ocular-lens bell and your eye.A minimum of 3 inches of eye relief should be upheld. Take note that if you do not take caution and administer proper eye relief you will end up having aluminium splinters cutting into your eyebrows and this will mean you visiting the emergency room quite often.

Explain Reticles, Magnification and Lenses?


Reticles pulls your eye to the centre and consents for fast, accurate aiming.


Magnification increases the way you view your visual target from the rifle scopes.


The distinctive riflescope comprisesof eight lenses, counting the two apparent ones. The superiority of the glass itself, to make the rifle scope lens and the care with which it was ground to shape, and the importance of the coating that was applied will tell you so much on what good a scope really is.

What is meant by field of view?

Field of view is the actual size of what you are able to see through rifle scopesand is measured meters at a precise distance. Take note that the higher the magnification, the lesser the field of sight.

So, when you choosing a rifle scope make sure to match the optic that will suit to your task as optics arestrategical designed for close-quarter combat and for long-distance precision shooting.There is such a huge diversity of scopes out there to outfit the need and wants of every gun enthusiast.


Here will find some very useful care tips for Brazilian hair extensions.  The following tips are specifically for natural wave or straight hairstyles.

Moisture is conceivably the most imperative thing to keep in mind when caring for your hair extensions, irrespective of what colour or style hair extension you have.

Hair extensions that is both well moisturized and clean is hair that is constantly vibrant, untroublesome, and easy to style.

As I am certain you are aware that Brazilian hair extensions are not able to attain moisture and nutrients from your scalp, as hair extension need more care as this will guarantee that you will get the value for the money you spent and you will always have luscious, beautiful and natural hair extensions.

Here are some tips to keep that hair looking camera ready

So, let’s get started when you first receive your hair always inspect your product to make sure you got what you ordered.

Always pre-wash your new hair, all you need to do is gently wash the hair extensions with warm water until all the hair follicles are soaked. Then add a generous amount of shampoo to the extensions, shampoo in a downward motion, basically washing hair from the top to down. Rinse, and then condition hair in the same way as you shampooed your extensions. Then allow hair to dry.

After you have installed your new Brazilian Hair Extensions

Always take extreme care of your hair extensions, especially in the maintenance of your extensions.

  • Brush hair prior to washing
  • Shampoo hair twice a week
  • Always wash in a downward motion
  • Never massage the shampoo into the scalp
  • Always squeeze excess water and hair dry your hair
  • Always remember that heat will damage your extensions
  • Always use a wide tooth comb to gently brush your hair
  • Always dry our hair out thoroughly after washing
  • Never sleep on wet hair
  • When going to bed use a satin pillowcase or cover hair in a scarf
  • A trip to the beach/pool, take note let conditioner set in hair as this will prevent it getting damaged from sae salt and chlorine

Common problems with Brazilian Weaves

It is possible that your extension will create some problems at some point in time, similar issues that you will experience with your natural hair.

These problems are generally formed because of the lack of moisture in the extensions.

If you experience dry or itchy scalp:

  • Use an oil scalp treatment
  • Use a small amount of oil and massage it into scalp
  • Leave for 10 min before washing it out

If you have very Dry Hair:

  • In a case like this stop using shampoo
  • Use only conditioner and warm water
  • For deeper conditioning leave conditioner for half an hour in hair


  • It happens to most people’s hair, always use a wide comb brush or paddle brush on extensions
  • Always brush hair extensions regularly to prevent tangles
  • Always have patience when combing hair and do not exert much force when combing your extensions

Take note that Brazilian hair is super soft, and very light hair which is why it is one of the most popular brands of hair extensions currently on the market. The hair is 100% NATURAL HAIR, the light texture of the hair extensions makes is so easy to style and maintain. Always remember hydration before and after installing your hair extensions.

Lekker Slaap in Ballito

The Dolphin Coast gets its name due to recurrent sightings of bottlenose dolphins who frolic in the waves of the Indian Ocean.

Ballito is a coastal holiday town, a place to bask in natural sunshine, relaxing days filled with ideal swimming and surfing conditions, and an assortment of tidal pools and brilliant fishing spots.

Here in Ballito you will find the best holiday accommodation that you can lekkerslap as the JHB holiday makers would say, from hotels, BnB’s to self-catering and guest house accommodation, all equipped with what you will need to make your stay a comfortable and wholesome experience.

Sak ‘n Pak Guest House

This beautiful guest house is an original family home which has been turned into a luxurious guest house and serves as a local landmark.

The guest house compromises of 6 decorated units and 2 rather elegant lekker slaap executive suites. All of them have en-suite bathrooms, and standard facilities like DSTV, bath and shower, air conditioning, hairdryer and electronic safety box. There is a mini bar and tea and coffee stations. And each unit has its own balcony overlooking a beautiful garden and a communal pool. There are additional facilities on site such as a Jacuzzi, a well-stocked pool bar and bikes that are readily available for those wanting to explore the local town and beaches. Breakfast is served every morning, and the area has many restaurants that serves good food to tantalise anyone’s taste-buds.

Ezulwini Lekker slaap Guesthouse

This stunning high-class establishment offers guest every luxury in its six beautifully selected rooms. The two executive rooms which are found on the ground floor consist of large spacious rooms and the four standing rooms are situated on the upper level of the guest house. Room are fully furnished it all has en-suite bathrooms, and compromises of standard facilities like DSTV, bath and shower, air conditioning, hairdryer and electronic safety box. Complimentary Wi-Fi’s all available and each floor has its very own lounging area. Breakfast is served every morning, and the area has many restaurants that serves good food to tantalise anyone’s taste-buds. The guest house also has very secure off road parking so slaap nice and lekker while feeling safe!

Slaap Lekker in the Ballito BnB

This beautiful establishment is your perfect getaway if you looking for a home away from home. The home consists of beautiful well-furnished bedrooms that you can have a full night of “lekker slap” and it all has en-suite bathrooms, with sunken bath and showers, and compromises of standard facilities like DSTV, bath and shower, air conditioning, hairdryer and electronic safety box. Th rooms open into an open deck which you can relax and enjoy the beautiful sea views. Breakfast is served every morning, and the area has many restaurants that serves good food to tantalise anyone’s taste-buds. The guest house also has very secure parking.

If you are struggling to have a lekkerslaap then jump in your car and get to Ballito this second. Eater is coming up so book before accommodation runs out.

How to achieve harmony in the living room with Feng Shui

The living room is the room in which we rest after a long working day, communicate with your closest people and have fun. Therefore, when planning what will be its interior design, it is important to bring harmony and comfort. It will help us to relax the maximum and be more energetic and productive then.

Feng Shui is a popular style that gives balance and beauty in your home. With it you can furnish easy and comfortable your living room and create a unique harmony and pleasant atmosphere.

We present some Feng Shui tips for everyday that promise to improve the overall situation there. Easy to include interior and aesthetic style that actually improves the look of your home without requiring major repairs.

Fill the space with less belongings                        

Many items loaded and create an imbalance in the room. The best way to start arranging your living room to clean up unnecessary items and to free up enough space. Weapons hanging on the walls, usually associated with negative energy, so avoid putting them in the living room. Keep only what you love, and choose only one style with which to decorate the room.

Note the location of the couch and TV

According to Feng Shui can bring additional comfort and harmony in living, paying the couch to the door of the room. Thus will further open space in front of us. It is also a good idea to put the sofa as close as possible to the wall. This scheme of interior design meets not only the principles of Feng Shui, it is embedded in our evolutionary instincts. We always want to sit in a “position of power” and to control everything around us.

Better focus in the interior to be away from the distractions of electronics. The place itself, where you will place your TV, it’s not as important as how you hide it when not in use. Good idea to have a separate room for watching TV and living room can be a center of social activity and interaction with people nearby. If you can not put a TV in another room, you can hide behind sliding doors or wrap it with a suitable case.

Select the appropriate color and style

Living rooms in bold colors usually are rare. If you have one in neutral shades, a few bright accents will make the interior more cozy and interesting. This can be decorative pillows, vases, souvenirs and more. But you should not overdo it. According to Feng Shui living room is a place of Yin, which means that there is best to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

Do not ignore the lights

Lighting is related to the flow of energy in the room, and this is extremely important. For the living room it is best to use a string of lights chandelier or a few bulbs, and additional lighting to contribute to a brighter and brighter feeling in the room! Avoid dark corners and shadows to create additional visual space and even better illumination of the room.

Here’s how it without effort you can create a whole new view of the room. All of these tips will bring a lot of harmony and comfort in your living room! Try it!

If you are planning a thorough cleaning of the home do not hesitate to contact the agency for professional cleaning as End of tenancy cleaning North London. Click here for more information.