How to achieve harmony in the living room with Feng Shui

The living room is the room in which we rest after a long working day, communicate with your closest people and have fun. Therefore, when planning what will be its interior design, it is important to bring harmony and comfort. It will help us to relax the maximum and be more energetic and productive then.

Feng Shui is a popular style that gives balance and beauty in your home. With it you can furnish easy and comfortable your living room and create a unique harmony and pleasant atmosphere.

We present some Feng Shui tips for everyday that promise to improve the overall situation there. Easy to include interior and aesthetic style that actually improves the look of your home without requiring major repairs.

Fill the space with less belongings                        

Many items loaded and create an imbalance in the room. The best way to start arranging your living room to clean up unnecessary items and to free up enough space. Weapons hanging on the walls, usually associated with negative energy, so avoid putting them in the living room. Keep only what you love, and choose only one style with which to decorate the room.

Note the location of the couch and TV

According to Feng Shui can bring additional comfort and harmony in living, paying the couch to the door of the room. Thus will further open space in front of us. It is also a good idea to put the sofa as close as possible to the wall. This scheme of interior design meets not only the principles of Feng Shui, it is embedded in our evolutionary instincts. We always want to sit in a “position of power” and to control everything around us.

Better focus in the interior to be away from the distractions of electronics. The place itself, where you will place your TV, it’s not as important as how you hide it when not in use. Good idea to have a separate room for watching TV and living room can be a center of social activity and interaction with people nearby. If you can not put a TV in another room, you can hide behind sliding doors or wrap it with a suitable case.

Select the appropriate color and style

Living rooms in bold colors usually are rare. If you have one in neutral shades, a few bright accents will make the interior more cozy and interesting. This can be decorative pillows, vases, souvenirs and more. But you should not overdo it. According to Feng Shui living room is a place of Yin, which means that there is best to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

Do not ignore the lights

Lighting is related to the flow of energy in the room, and this is extremely important. For the living room it is best to use a string of lights chandelier or a few bulbs, and additional lighting to contribute to a brighter and brighter feeling in the room! Avoid dark corners and shadows to create additional visual space and even better illumination of the room.

Here’s how it without effort you can create a whole new view of the room. All of these tips will bring a lot of harmony and comfort in your living room! Try it!

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