Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scopes is a piece of gear that is attached to a rifle and its function is tomake distant objects larger, this helps the marksman to get an accurate aim of the given target. No matter what environmental conditions you are faced with, a rifle scope guarantees precisionand you are given the best advantage over most hunters.

What are rifle scopes made of?

Riflescopes are now made by using aircraft grade aluminium, which is exceedingly durable and much lighter than steel tubes.

What is meant by Exit Pupil?

When you point your rifle scope at a bright surface such as a wall you will see the exit pupil it is circle of light, which shows the amount of illumination that enters the scope. If the exit pupil is quite large then the image in the scope will be brighter.

What is meant by Eye Relief?

Eye relief is the distance between the ocular-lens bell and your eye.A minimum of 3 inches of eye relief should be upheld. Take note that if you do not take caution and administer proper eye relief you will end up having aluminium splinters cutting into your eyebrows and this will mean you visiting the emergency room quite often.

Explain Reticles, Magnification and Lenses?


Reticles pulls your eye to the centre and consents for fast, accurate aiming.


Magnification increases the way you view your visual target from the rifle scopes.


The distinctive riflescope comprisesof eight lenses, counting the two apparent ones. The superiority of the glass itself, to make the rifle scope lens and the care with which it was ground to shape, and the importance of the coating that was applied will tell you so much on what good a scope really is.

What is meant by field of view?

Field of view is the actual size of what you are able to see through rifle scopesand is measured meters at a precise distance. Take note that the higher the magnification, the lesser the field of sight.

So, when you choosing a rifle scope make sure to match the optic that will suit to your task as optics arestrategical designed for close-quarter combat and for long-distance precision shooting.There is such a huge diversity of scopes out there to outfit the need and wants of every gun enthusiast.