Here will find some very useful care tips for Brazilian hair extensions.  The following tips are specifically for natural wave or straight hairstyles.

Moisture is conceivably the most imperative thing to keep in mind when caring for your hair extensions, irrespective of what colour or style hair extension you have.

Hair extensions that is both well moisturized and clean is hair that is constantly vibrant, untroublesome, and easy to style.

As I am certain you are aware that Brazilian hair extensions are not able to attain moisture and nutrients from your scalp, as hair extension need more care as this will guarantee that you will get the value for the money you spent and you will always have luscious, beautiful and natural hair extensions.

Here are some tips to keep that hair looking camera ready

So, let’s get started when you first receive your hair always inspect your product to make sure you got what you ordered.

Always pre-wash your new hair, all you need to do is gently wash the hair extensions with warm water until all the hair follicles are soaked. Then add a generous amount of shampoo to the extensions, shampoo in a downward motion, basically washing hair from the top to down. Rinse, and then condition hair in the same way as you shampooed your extensions. Then allow hair to dry.

After you have installed your new Brazilian Hair Extensions

Always take extreme care of your hair extensions, especially in the maintenance of your extensions.

  • Brush hair prior to washing
  • Shampoo hair twice a week
  • Always wash in a downward motion
  • Never massage the shampoo into the scalp
  • Always squeeze excess water and hair dry your hair
  • Always remember that heat will damage your extensions
  • Always use a wide tooth comb to gently brush your hair
  • Always dry our hair out thoroughly after washing
  • Never sleep on wet hair
  • When going to bed use a satin pillowcase or cover hair in a scarf
  • A trip to the beach/pool, take note let conditioner set in hair as this will prevent it getting damaged from sae salt and chlorine

Common problems with Brazilian Weaves

It is possible that your extension will create some problems at some point in time, similar issues that you will experience with your natural hair.

These problems are generally formed because of the lack of moisture in the extensions.

If you experience dry or itchy scalp:

  • Use an oil scalp treatment
  • Use a small amount of oil and massage it into scalp
  • Leave for 10 min before washing it out

If you have very Dry Hair:

  • In a case like this stop using shampoo
  • Use only conditioner and warm water
  • For deeper conditioning leave conditioner for half an hour in hair


  • It happens to most people’s hair, always use a wide comb brush or paddle brush on extensions
  • Always brush hair extensions regularly to prevent tangles
  • Always have patience when combing hair and do not exert much force when combing your extensions

Take note that Brazilian hair is super soft, and very light hair which is why it is one of the most popular brands of hair extensions currently on the market. The hair is 100% NATURAL HAIR, the light texture of the hair extensions makes is so easy to style and maintain. Always remember hydration before and after installing your hair extensions.